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Nosler AccuBond .338 - 180 GR. - 50 stk.

Varenr.: 9366090
  1. Fully tapered, heavy alloy jacket is bonded to the special lead alloy core through a proprietary process designed for controlled expansion, deep penetration and a 60-70% weight retention.
  2. Totally concentric, impact-extruded jacket bonds completely to the bullet core for extreme accuracy.
  3. The AccuBond® bullet's unique white polymer tip resists deformation in the magazine and initiates expansion upon impact.
  4. Nosler's Solid Base® design jacket base acts as a platform for large diameter mushroom.
  5. Ballistically engineered, the Solid Base® boat-tail configuration combines with the streamlined polymer tip for extreme long-range performance.
  6. Minimum Impact Velocity: 1800 fps
    Maximum Impact Velocity: 3100 fps
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